Guida turistica Scicli, tour della città

Visiting the city of Scicli, our itinerary starts from Piazza Italia where, besides the beautiful eighteenth century palaces, stands the Mother Church, originally dedicated to S. Ignazio and since 1986 named S. Guglielmo. Inside the Church you can admire the Madonna delle Milizie, in paper mache depicting the Madonna on horseback, with a sword in her hand, fighting the Saracens. In the same square, you will find the Church of San Bartolomeo, where you can admire a wooden crib of 1573 but renovated in the following era. At the center of the scene is the Nativity, while the other characters, peasants and shepherds, are found alongside.

Statues that originally were around 65 in number, of at least a meter in hight, are today are today only around 29.
After the church of St. Bartholomew we visit the caves of ancient the Chiafura neighborhood from the Arab period.
Following the road backwards to Via Mormino Penna, you arrive at Palazzo Beneventano, whose monstrous shelves are exceptional.

The mosaic of clever baskets that paved via Mormino Penna introduces us to the most beautiful street of Scicli. On this street you can admire the Town Hall, which has become famous in the fictional book of Commissioner Montalbano, In the Church of St. John the Evangelist, you can see the architecture typical of the late Baroque. Further downì, on the opposite side of the road, the exterior of the Church of St. Michael stands at right angles to the road axis. On the side of the church is Palazzo Spadaro, an elegant example of late Baroque. The itinerary of Via Formino Penna ends with the Church of Santa Teresa, whose exterior is characterized by the presence of a quatrefoil window overlapping the entrance door.

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